Comedy School Dropout is a weekly show presented by Negin Farsad and Amy Albert, with comedy cosmetologist Beth McGregor!

Negin has written for and performed on Comedy Central, MTV, IFC, and your mom's basement. Amy is a quirky half Jew who has performed all over the country and the UK with her one woman show, Delilah Dix and her Bag of Tricks. She also just found out she's wheat intolerant, so there's that.

Comedy making the world less annoying…

Comedy is good in your tummy! Come enjoy the taste sensations of these funny folks on 

June 20th! We have:

Becky Yamamoto!-Ars Nova

Aaron Sweeney!-Estrogenious Festival

Kat Radley-Out of Bounds and Aspen!

What a tasty and filling group!

Come on down to The Beauty Bar at 8:00 for a free show, free pizza and free laughs!

Love and kisses, 

Amy, Negin and Beth.

Comedy, Comedy, Comedy!

First, an apology…I suck at updating this thing. Not because I don’t love you, but because I am busy. And love a good cocktail! But enough about me, let’s get to the updating!

6/6 is going to be so killer!

Selena Coppock-Author and fab blonde!

Tim Warner-Laugh Your Asheville Off!

Neil Constantine-TO Joke of the Week

JL Cauvin-Too Big Too Fail, a real delight!

Kerry Lendo-Austin Superstar!


Kendra Cunningham-Boston, Blonde, Fab

Scott Schachter-National Lampoon, Character hero

Nathan Macintosh-Funny as hell

Kate Berlant-A delight to behold

So that’s our couple of weeks at The Beauty Bar on 14th between 2nd and 3rd. 8:00 show, free m’fing pizza, dreams are made. You can’t miss these shows!

With love from Amy, Negin and Beth!

Comedy. School. Dropout! Living the dream!

Wednesday traditionally is Hump Day, and you can take that any way you want. It’ either you’re over the hump at your crappy job, maybe it’s the day in the week when you get wasted at a random bar in your crappy town and hook up with a trucker. We here at Comedy School Dropout would like you to think of Hump Day as the day that you come laugh with your friends and have drinks in an awesome lower East side spot! Nothing crappy about that! Unless you’re a real d bag!

This week we have!

Katie Halper (The Nation, Huffington Post) 

Miguel Dalmau (NBC stand up for diversity and time out ny joke of the week.) 

Jeff Cerulli (Sirius radio and upcoming documentary Hungry) 

Tony Kelly(Irish Legend)

And next week, it’s


Ken Shultz (Published in National Lampoon & appeared at Boston Comedy Festival) 

Tyler Gilden(The PIT, Carolines)

Brad Hagen(Broadway Comedy club)

Ashley Brooke Roberts (Boston comedy festival 2011, women in comedy 2012)

As always brought to you by the spicy Latina pop group known as Amy Cobb, Negin Farsad, and Beth McGregor

Comedy School Dropout! What dreams are made of!

Oh Lord girl! It’s been way to long! And I’ve missed you hard and fast. Luckily I’m back and you’re looking better than ever. I have a proposal for you…and you’re gonna love it. Why don’t we go to The Beauty Bar for FREE COMEDY and FREE PIZZA every Wednesday! Great idea!

The line ups are sick. Like, panty dropper sick. They have folks like:


Kathryn Dunn (The Pit)

RG Daniels (Sunday Night Stand-Up at Three of Cups and

Gabe Pacheco(Laughing Skull Comedy Festival)

Andy Sanford (Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Comedy Central Records)

And on 3/28 there’s:

March 28 lineup: Suni Reyes(The PIT),

Jon Bander (The Magnet),

Gaby Dunn (New York Times)

Mike Trainor(Gotham, Golden Corral Commerical STAR!)

Look at how attractive these comics are! And they’re free! Both monetarily and STD wise! Come on down to Beauty Bar, have a drink, get your nails done and live your life to it’s full potential!


The Comedy School Dropout’s

Amy, Negin and Beth

February is fabulous at The Beauty Bar!

It’s cold as balls, you’re stuck inside, what do you do with yourself? Cry all day? Talk to your parents? Watch porn? Well, sure, but you also see some fab comedy!!

Kicking of February is the lovely:

Abbi Crutchfield-Huffington Post

Pheobe Robinson-Stand Up For Diversity

Kate Hendricks-Bravo

Jon Friedman-The Rejection Show

Gonna be a great show! See you on 2/1/12 at The Beauty Bar!!!

14th between 2nd and 3rd.

Ileana Glazer-Broad City

Awww yeah! Comedy School Dropout in da’ house!

Ok. I should never say that again. I mean really, in da’ house is what the kids say, so I feel very silly even writing that. I mean, come on!

With all that being said, OMG is Comedy School Dropout the JAM! With line up’s that will knock your socks off and make you want to run out and get a tattoo! Like on 1/18 we have…

Sabring Jalees(Last Comic Standing and Fuse On Trial)

Adam Lowitt(Produces The Daily Show!)

Zac Sims(Too Late With Zac Sims)

Ariel Carlson(Founder of Ariel Carlson’s Guide to Successful Living!)

Amazing…but then on the 25th, we have…

Mike Trainor(Tru TV’s Worlds Dumbest)

Matt Ruby(SXSW)

Harriet Holloway(Howard Stern, Amy’s serious lady crush)

This is just two weeks of line up’s. We are rocking your face off with comedy EVERY WEDNESDAY throughout the year!  Come on down to The Beauty Bar on 14th between 2nd and 3rd at 8:00 too see the WORLDS GREATEST COMEDIANS defy gravity with their funny mouths!

We love you long time…


Amy(the blonde Jew) Beth(the funny teacher) and Negin(stylin’ like a motha f’er)

See you in January!

We at Comedy School Dropout wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas…unless that offends you. Then we wish you a “holiday” filled with cheer. But cheer that doesn’t have anything to do with Christmas, cuz that would clearly be a dick move. 

We’ll be back in January with more amazing line ups that are certain to put a smile on your face and a weird feeling in your underpants. 

See you at The Beauty Bar the 1st Wednesday in January.

With love

The Comedy School Dropout crew

Amy, Beth and Negin

WTF?! Comedy School Dropout makes your winter depression go away!

Nov. 30 lineup: Jessica Delfino (Montreal, Sundance Channel, publicly denounced by the Catholic League); David Lee Nelson (NC Comedy Arts); Greg Barris (Heart of Darkness, Guggenheim); Tyler Gildin (2011 Shorty Awards for Best Emerging Comedian); Nick Cobb (NBC’s Last Comic Standing finalist)

Dec. 7 lineup: Sean Donnelly (Gotham, Comedy Strip); Peter Moses (Funny or Die); Becky Yamamoto (Ars Nova, UCB); Raquel D’Apice (The Check Spot); Fariaz Rabbani (New York’s Funniest Stand-Up 2009 Semifinalists)

Dec. 14, lineup: Sue Funke (I Love TV More Than You); Katrin Heir; Skinny Bitch (Edinburgh Fringe, Comedy Central); Emily Heller (Bridgetown Comedy Fest, 2nd Place Best Bay Area Comic Award); Adam Lowitt (Daily Show producer)

Catch the wave of laughter before the holidays hit and you’re too fat/depressed/sleepy/full/groped under the mistletoe to feel feelings! We’re back in January!

Comedy School Drop-Outs wanna put a laugh baby in your belly!

Comedy School Dropout wants to knock you up with laughter, and we have just the right amount of deliquents to drop your pants. Er…guard. No, pants. I meant pants.

We have:

Oct. 19 lineup: Liam McEneaney (SXSW, Showtime); Miguel Delmau (TruTV); Andrew Schwartzol (Eastville); Justy Dodge (featured in Time Out NY, regular guest on Comical Radio)


Oct. 26 lineup: Sabrina Jallees (Canada’s CBC, MuchMusic); Scott Moran (Castlebraid Festival); Adam Conover  (UCB); Christian Polanco (Offstage podcast)

See you at the Beauty Bar. I’ll be in the bathroom, smoking with the girls.


Amy, Negin and Beth

YEAH! Comedy School Dropouts unite!

B-E-A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E! Be agressive! Be e aggresive! About checking out Comedy School Dropout at Beauty Bar!

That’s right kids, we’re back in session, and better then ever.

 This week! and Next Week!

Sept. 21 lineup: Emily Epstein (Laugh Lounge, Keith & the Girl); Katie Halper (MSNBC, Current) Gabe Morales (UCB), Amanda Melson (Last Comic Standing, VH1)

Sept. 28 lineup: Sabrina Jalees (Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, CBC’s Laugh Out Loud); John F Odonnel (Comedy Central); Victor Varnado (Comedy Central); Jermaine Fowler (Comedy Central)

And as always you have Amy Albert Cobb, Negin Farsad and Beth McGregor smoking in the bathroom and faking pregnancy tests in order to get out of homeroom. See you at the Beauty Bar!